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Injury Management Program

Injury Management Program

Throughout the lifespan of construction, workers in the trades have been susceptible to workplace injuries. It is an unfortunate hazard of the job that we as a Company are always working towards eliminating in any way possible.

We aim to do this through weekly Toolbox Talks highlighting various dangers that our employees may come into contact with. We require completion of a daily hazard analysis form on each active job site to ensure our workforce is aware of hazards on the job every day. We also review all recent incidents in detail during our monthly Joint Health and Safety Committee meetings where we are constantly seeking ways to keep our employees safe on site.

The latest of these additional safety measures taken is the creation and implementation of our own in-house Injury Management Program. We had been finding that not playing an active role in the processing of our injured workers was having both a negative effect on them as individuals and their livelihoods as well as for us as a Company.

The Injury Management Program is designed to ease an employee through our incident protocol as efficiently as possible, ensure we are actively aware of their medical status and seeking ways to facilitate their progression back into full time work. We also find that this program has given us the ability as management to be more hands-on and interactive with employees. This open line-of-communication ensures we as an employer provide the best assistance we can to our injured workers and we are now able to offer meaningful light duties so they avoid the financial or mental discomfort of sitting at home for prolonged periods of time.

We are constantly improving our process and through the help and input provided by the men and women that go through our program we have nothing but high hopes that this venture will continue to provide better support and a better outcome for us and our employees in the future.

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